The Cellar

Torralbenc arises from a challenge, taking up the legacy of others, rebuilding and recovering it. To rehabilitate a traditional Menorcan estate, and give life back to an abandoned land, restoring its essence.

The Cellar

We are moved by the respect for the cultural heritage and the environment, and the hope of discovering and working a foreign land we feel like our own.

In 2005 the group Sidercom bought the estate of Torralbenc with the target of developing an agricultural and wine cellar project. There was nothing left of the old house, ruins and barren land. The project took off in 2011, when the project of rehabilitation started. The works ended in 2013, and that same year the hotel activity began.

The wine cellar had to wait a little more, but after various plantation phases today it counts with 14 hectares which are dedicated to the production of grapes. In 2010, José Ramón Lissarrague joins the team as a viticultural assessor.

The application of his methods was crucial in order to guarantee the quality we were seeking for our wine. It was then, in 2016, after more than a decade of hard work and great hope and dedication, that Torralbenc’s wine cellar produces its first wine, the first vintage of many to come. Today we are proud of being able to talk about the wine from Torralbenc, something many didn’t believe would be possible, but that we knew one day we would achieve.

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The vineyard

The most complicated has been working the land

The old houses of Torralbenc are 19th and 20th-century agricultural properties. They never grew vines, because the land did not allow it, nor was it viable with the resources that were available. Today, the vineyard surrounds Torralbenc and 14 of the estate’s 70 hectares are dedicated to growing grapes.

Recovering a land that had been left unworked for more than 30 years was an arduous task, and it was extremely difficult to dig Menorca’s hard, chalky soil that was simply impossible to plant. We learned from our mistakes and perfected our technique until we managed to transform what was barren land into a workable and productive vineyard.

The vineyard has gone through three growth phases, with the first 5 hectares of vines planted in 2006. The second phase of the vineyard saw 5 more hectares planted and ended in 2013. At this time, the winery project was halted temporarily, a fact that favoured the young vines, as they still needed time to mature before producing their first wine. In 2007, the remaining 4 hectares were planted, completing our current total of 14.

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Get somewhere, put down roots, feel at home, make the land yours... Bodegas Torralbenc, much more than a wine, a vital project.