History, agricultural tradition and nature


Torralbenc is a 77-hectare agricultural property in the municipality of Alaior. Located In a privileged hillock surrounded by vineyards, at 15 minutes from Mahón and with views over the blue horizon of the Mediterranean Sea, it offers, in a natural manner, agriculture and tradition, history and an impressive nature.

The environment

History, agricultural tradition and nature

This area is home to a natural combination of agriculture and tradition, history and imposing nature.

While taking a stroll you will come across typical features of the Menorcan countryside, from old threshing floors, stables or drinking troughs, to traditional country houses. You will also find the traditional dry stone walls, which were formerly used to separate plots. They are made of carefully chosen stones that fit together without the need for any other material.

But this is not all. Archaeological remains that date back to the second millennium BC can also be found in Torralbenc. Among them are the ‘taulas’, T-shaped Talaiotic constructions that are only found on the island of Menorca.

The foot of the taula of Torralbenc is featured on the labels of our wines. The agricultural landscape, fields of extensive cultivation, and horticultural areas alternate elegantly with humid wild olive forests and classic Mediterranean underwood; buckthorn, rock rose and mastics. An estate that receives the influence of both the sea and the land, that draws from its traditions and history; an incomparable environment to carry out the activity that we are deeply in love in.

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Get somewhere, put down roots, feel at home, make the land yours... Bodegas Torralbenc, much more than a wine, a vital project.