Our wines

In 2016 Torralbenc produced its first wine. A first vintage which was stolen from the stone, the earth and the light of Menorca, and that shows all the potential of our grapes.


Our red is a wine that is marked by the character of the Merlot variety, which reflects a good adaptation to the climate and the ground, and also the fabulous maturation obtained in this 2016 vintage.

The Syrah variety is also part of this wine and adds its spicy aromas and gives a major complexity to this Red coupage Torralbenc that has been through a short ageing process in the best French oak barrels.

Given intense cherry red, red and black fresh fruits stand out in this coupage, despite notes of mature fruits can be perceived, herbal nuances and pleasant memories of the noble woods of its upbringing. In the mouth, it is pleasant, continuous, long and balanced.

Merlot y Syrah
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The structure and expression present in the Monastrell variety offer us a unique wine, fresh and with a very attractive balance.

The nose presents highly intense aromas, with notes of flowers like roses; citrus fruits, such as orange rinds, grapefruit, nectarine; red fruits, mainly strawberries, cherries or blueberries. In addition, balsamic notes from Mediterranean plants such as fennel can be found.

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This wine is made from a selection of four well-adapted varieties and has an excellent degree of complementarity.

This wine presents a medium to high intensity, a light aroma of camomille, pear and grapes, memories of fruit stones, tropical and citrus fruits. Balsamic scents such as fennel, lavender, and eucalyptus can also be found.

Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Chardonnay y Parellada
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Get somewhere, put down roots, feel at home, make the land yours... Bodegas Torralbenc, much more than a wine, a vital project.