The story of a discovery, of working a difficult land, of following a dream…

The Cellar

More than a decade of effort and dedication

Bodegas Torralbenc arises from a challenge, taking up the legacy of others, rebuilding and recovering it. To rehabilitate a traditional Menorcan estate, and give life back to an abandoned land, restoring its essence.

The vineyard

Working a land that wouldn't allow being worked

The old houses of Torralbenc are 19th and 20th-century agricultural properties. They never grew vines, because the land did not allow it, nor was it viable with the resources that were available. Today, the vineyard surrounds Bodegas Torralbenc and 14 of the estate’s 70 hectares are dedicated to growing grapes.


History, agricultural tradition and nature

Bodegas Torralbenc belong to Torralbenc and correspond to 77-hectare agricultural property in the municipality of Alaior. Located In a privileged hillock surrounded by vineyards, at 15 minutes from Mahón and with views over the blue horizon of the Mediterranean Sea, it offers, in a natural manner, agriculture and tradition, history and an impressive nature.

An amazing path ahead

We wish to continue doing what we love, keep improving to milk the rock, the land and Menorca’s light, and our grapes for all their worth.

Get somewhere, put down roots, feel at home, make the land yours... Bodegas Torralbenc, much more than a wine, a vital project.